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Goal 5321 tk make me happy

I have no rules - I have a mood. what is the mood and what are the rules

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if you find it difficult with me, look for a simpler toy for yourself
Sex starts in the head. Do not force my brain with idle talk, but excite it with action, and I shall be wet just at the sight of your name.
my preference
What do I love? The sea, the starry sky, the long and distant road, the sparks of fire in the darkness. good massage, expensive linen and wine, cats and horses, walking barefoot in the rain and catching snowflakes on your face, gifts and generous men. I like to obey the smart. generous and caring person.I do not like lies, heat and cold, envy and greed, tight shoes, obsessive and stupid people.
About me
✨ Life is too short to spend it on diets, greedy men and bad mood. ✨ I am a very open, simple, fun and emotional person. I like to meet new people, especially if they are men. Not because I'm windy. And because it's easier for me to communicate with men. Then I decided to register here. To be honest, it was very scary. But many of you supported me then. Now I am very glad to be here with you. I like to enjoy life. Let it be sex, simple communication, buying panties or cars, delicious food. I am sure that a real gentleman feels better if he knows that he has given a woman pleasure not only in sex.When he knows that the welfare of women and his merit. I don't like to fake things. I believe that feelings and relationships are built when we are together. But I'm not really sad if you only attend my show in your spare time, just to get a free show without even saying Hello and participating when I know it's possible, it feels like a slap in the face, so don't expect much of my attention.
thank you my dear Maxavo
Freedom is the ability to want what you really want. Sigmund Freud
thank you to all the guys who supported me in March
rules of my room
1. be polite to me and my other guests. 2. don't discuss my country and my President, my age and my morals. 3. I don't go outside the room and call my neighbors, my boss and others. But if you still insist on these actions, be prepared that it will be expensive. 4. like any normal person, I have a dream. And any dream is feasible in the presence of a certain amount of money. So don't ask me to do something for free. 5. whether I do anything in my room is up to me. If you think I'm not being given enough tokens, so I have to do something for you for a minimum of tokens, then please leave my room. 6. if I broadcast from outside my room (such as an office, balcony, or other public space), then I assign different rates for my actions. 7. For any mention of the names of other models in my room, you will be banned immediately.


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