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About me
Hello everyone, my name is Nessa , I am 18 years old. I'm new here and I'm very shy, but I hope my sociability will help me find a common language with you.
My hobbies
Sports are my life, so I want to try all kinds of sports to get to know myself and my capabilities, limits. At the moment, I am engaged in volleyball, basketball, cycling and sports tourism. Most of all, I like to play Volleyball, because I am tall, this is my advantage over the others. I like to cook. I think the best dish is pasta with stewed minced meat with sauce. And I also think it's just a delightful activity to teach others to cook, it's very funny. In addition to cooking, I, as a good hostess, strive for cleanliness. In my free time, I read books, sometimes I imagine myself as the heroine of these exciting novels. Another of my hobbies is photography. I love to take pictures, I try to capture everything that I see beautiful for my eyes, every magical moment. I am trying to develop in this area, as I really like it, and I am already mastering editing
Sexual fantasies
My sexual fantasies are different from me and I think this is my highlight… I like it when a man dominates sex in the process, light rudeness, I like it when they slap me lightly on the ass or strangle me slightly, especially when it's all in the dog pose mmmm...At such moments, I am very excited and wet. I would like to try some types of bdsm, for example, being tied to a bed and lying with my eyes tied, in general, to learn more about this fetish. Another little dream of mine is to try sex in an unusual place, for example on the roof of a building or on a high floor with panoramic windows. At the thought of this, my legs begin to contract, and my pupils dilate.
Also about me
Now, to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a piercing or a tattoo, and on the contrary, I have never dreamed of a tattoo or a piercing because I get real pleasure admiring a clean body, beautiful gray-green eyes and a smile. It seems to me that the best decoration is a kind soul, and if we talk about the body-beautiful eyes with a deep look.
Make me a gift and please me :*
♔My favorites♔
♔Food: ♥Cottage cheese casserole ♥Pasta with stewed minced meat with sauce ♥Greek salad ♥Borsch ♔Films: ♥"Breathe for us" ♥"The Age of Adaline" ♥"The Voyager Generation" ♥"Akimbo Guns" ♔Books: ♥All parts of "Harry Potter" ♔Music: ♥Music lover
What I don't like
I don't like it when people don't respect me or treat me rudely, so please. Be polite to me! I also can't stand hypocritical people and lies.
✮My fetishes✮
✮Balloons ✮Chastity training ✮Cross dressing ✮Discipline ✮Food ✮Pony play ✮Smoking ✮Spanking ✮Stiletto ✮Stockings/panty hose ✮Teasing
What is my favorite
My favorite food is curd casserole, pasta with stewed minced meat with sauce, Greek salad, borscht. As for the films, I present you my top. The first place is taken by "Breathe for us", a touching story about great love, the second is "Generation Voyager", a fantasy that may well become a reality, the third place is "The Age of Adaline", a story about a woman with a difficult fate. But my love for fiction does not end with movies, I really like to read. The Harry Potter series of books opened a new world for me, where everything is possible. If we talk about music, I love music from all over the world, so I can be called a music different music, I'm a music lover
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